Thank you for visiting! Seymour construction is a Wedmore, Somerset based Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial construction company. The company was started just over two years ago by Olly Seymour who had been working for a number of years for a larger firm that mainly built agricultural buildings. His experience has allowed him to take Seymour Construction to the next level and work on commercial and industrial projects.

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Olly Seymour has grown up on a working beef farm and therefore understands the importance of having the facilities to make your life easier. He has also been able to translate the lessons learnt in the agricultral industry and apply them to commercial and industrial projects, focusing on exactly on what the customer wants and needs creating a functional building that truly adds value.

The firm currently employs 6 full time staff and is rapidly expanding thanks to their excellent reputation for reliability and a commitment to a high quality finish. Over the past two years there has been nothing except positive customer feedback!

Customer Testimonials:

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend O.T. Seymour – the staff was attentive and professional at all times and compared to other construction firms they didn’t charge too much.”

“The staff at O.T. Seymour offered the most competitive price and without compromising on quality.”

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