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At Seymour Construction, we offer a number of different services to clients in Somerset and beyond. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of these services, as well as a brief description about what each service entails…

Industrial/Agricultural Steel Framed BuildingsMachinery steel framed building

We’re experts at erecting industrial, commercial and agricultural steel framed buildings, and are able to effectively complete jobs featuring a range of different challenges, from tough access through to challenging terrain.

Steel Fabrication & Site Fabrication

We can create steel structures that are both strong and, if required, aesthetically pleasing. We are able to carry fabrication out either on-site, or in our own expertly equipped workshop. We will liaise with you to decide which is best for your particular project.

Seymour silage trailer

Fabricated silage trailer

Livestock Housing

Livestock housing is one of our specialties, and includes the installation of cubicles and livestock handling systems. An expert eye is needed for this type of job, and our experience ensures you’ll get a perfect result.

Concrete Sleeper and Stone Tracks

Installing concrete sleepers and stone tracks is tough work, and it also has to be done with absolute precision. At Seymour Construction, we have both the knowledge and equipment needed to make sure this job goes without a hitch.


Drainage is vital for almost any building, especially when it comes to agricultural and industrial constructions. It is also something that has a lot of regulations surrounding it. We are able to use our expertise to create the perfect drainage solution though, taking into account all rules and regulations.

concrete sleeper track

concrete sleeper track


Our groundworks service is suitable for agricultural, industrial and domestic clients, and incorporates site clearance, excavation, foundations and much more. The result? A stable and safe base to support any future structure.

Precast Concrete Structures

Precast concrete structures are made offsite, before then being assembled in their final location. We’re experts at assembling these structures both quickly and without fault, leaving you with a high-quality and solid building.

Power Floated Concrete

Our power floating concrete service ensures that any concrete service looks perfect, but perhaps more importantly, it will compact the concrete, ensuring that it is prepared for any further steps in the construction process. What’s more, it’s far more time efficient than floating by hand.

power float concrete floor

Plant Hire

We are able to provide all manner of different pieces of plant, from small diggers through to huge telehandlers. This means that we are able to carry out any job, and will always use the perfect piece of machinery for the task at hand. We can also hire machinery to customers for personal use, in certain circumstances.

Civil Engineering

We don’t just help you with the construction process of your project, as we can also assist with the design process, as well as the maintenance. This is because we are able to engage with local civil engineering experts, using their knowledge to ensure that your construction meets every one of your requirements – as well as every requirement laid down in law.

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